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Rise’s Takeaways From Cannes 2024

Cannes may be over, but the conversations continue.

We returned from Cannes 2024 with lots of positive energy. As we finally get the time to unpack our suitcases, we reflect on the insights we brought back home with us. We had many tasty dinners, reconnected with old friends, and kick-started new partnerships.

One of the highlights was a panel discussion we hosted together with HUMAN on how open communication and technological decision-making can drive higher ROI for publishers. Together with Dayna Moon, former Head of Customer Success at Beeler.Tech, Geoff S., VP Strategy and Media at HUMAN, Michael Racic, President at Prebid.org, Saiful Ahmed, SVP AdTech Global Investment at Omnicom Media Group, and our very own Chen Shalit, CRO & Co-Founder at Rise, we paved the way to open communication and transparency within our industry. Let’s dive into the details.

Continuously Question the Status Quo

It’s vital to continuously question and challenge the status quo in today’s agile programmatic ecosystem. This enables publishers to bridge the gap between demand and supply and unlock opportunities for significant improvement and innovation. By improving existing processes, products, and services, publishers can meet market demands more efficiently. Publishers can pursue creative solutions and remain dynamic and adaptable by creating a culture of curiosity and resilience. This allows them to stay ahead of the curve and respond to ever-changing challenges in real-time.

AI is No Longer a Buzzword

AI and Machine Learning drive significant change within our industry. Publishers who utilize AI can enhance operational capabilities, optimize customer experiences, and generate valuable insights, which helps them improve their bottom line. In other words, AI helps publishers fill their inventory with the most suitable content for their target audience. Imagine a 60-year-old interested in classic cars and a 21-year-old passionate about basketball seeing the exact same ad for bathrobes when browsing a website.

Wouldn’t it be much better if everyone saw an ad that interested them? This is where AI, or in our case real-time bidding, comes into play. Our industry is evolving constantly, and publishers who want to stay ahead of the curve must embrace AI, or they risk falling behind.

Data-Based Decision-Making

Data-based decision-making enables publishers to make informed decisions and provides a solid baseline for strategic planning. In other words, data-based decision-making helps publishers understand their target audiences better and optimize their inventory. This leads to publishers targeting end users with content that’s actually relevant to them, increasing the likelihood of engagement and conversions. Another positive side effect is the enhancement of the overall experience for end users, leading to increased revenue for the publisher.

Joint Work and Transparency

Collaboration fosters trust and accountability, which is essential in our industry. We can achieve this by maintaining open lines of communication, creating an environment in which all stakeholders thrive and contribute to a shared goal. Transparency in reporting ensures that all stakeholders have a clear understanding of campaign performance, leading to more informed decisions and better overall outcomes. This helps publishers navigate the challenges of programmatic advertising and achieve their goals.

The Goal: A Transparent and Efficient Ecosystem

We at Rise are at the forefront of driving a more transparent ecosystem. The insights from the panel discussion and our esteemed industry experts empower us to understand the publisher’s perspective even better, shaping a more efficient industry. We are committed to fostering an environment of open communication and technological advancement. Together, we can be more successful and ensure that our strategies are innovative and responsive to evolving market dynamics. This commitment empowers us to stay ahead in the competitive landscape, delivering exceptional value to our partners and stakeholders while driving sustainable growth and excellence.

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