Rise sees 101% growth in spend with APS

Expand revenue potential by seamlessly integrating with Amazon Publisher Services’ Transparent Ad Marketplace (TAM)

We are thrilled to announce that we partnered with Amazon Publisher Service (APS) on a case study highlighting a growth of 101% in spend with APS. This enables publishers to expand revenue potential by seamlessly integrating with Amazon Publisher Services’ Transparent Ad Marketplace (TAM).

Rise is leading the programmatic AI revolution with enhanced auction logic to maximize real-time bidding (RTB) efficiency. Our innovative technology is based on sophisticated machine learning and data science, enabling publishers to increase their performance and revenue by integrating into a robust marketplace with strong technical capabilities.


Rise, which represents unique and differentiated demand, is constantly optimizing and searching for new opportunities to form closer integrations with premium, scalable supply. In pursuit of more direct connections with leading publishers, Rise discovered an efficient and effective bidding solution in Amazon Publisher Services’ (APS) Transparent Ad Marketplace (TAM), which can also drive higher publisher yield. TAM, a server-side header bidding solution by APS, is an invite-only program that supports direct publisher integrations and provides several benefits, including enhanced auction transparency and reduced latency


Through TAM’s cloud-based header bidding marketplace, Rise was able to establish direct connections with some of the industry’s top publishers, all through a straightforward APS integration. Establishing direct connections through TAM proved seamless, and when analyzing performance across 10+ domains APS’ TAM generated a 101% growth in spend, a 64% increase in win rate, and a 36% uplift in bid rate. In concert with APS’ underlying technology, the performance Rise observed after transitioning to direct integrations highlights the effectiveness of their optimization capabilities on publishers’ ad content, and resulting user experiences.


Chen Shalit
Chief Revenue Officer, Rise

“The initial success we’ve witnessed among Tier 1 publishers underscores the strength of Amazon’s worldwide supply network and technological prowess. We are enthusiastic about capitalizing on this promising start as we persist in delivering distinctive demand to the global publishing industry.”

Shai Misrael
Vice President Sales & Strategic Partnerships, Rise

“The immediate traction we’ve seen with Tier 1 publishers is a testament to Amazon’s global supply connections and technological capabilities. We are excited to build on this opportunity as we continue to bring unique auction logic and technology to the global publishing marketplace.”

Bryan Everett
Global Head of Third-Party Demand, APS

“Rise’s rapid growth within Transparent Ad Marketplace speaks volumes to the utility of their technology, the unique demand they represent, and the high quality and fidelity of APS inventory. Since integrating, Rise has made a lasting impression through their quick ramp up and stated desire to drive publisher profitability.”

Are you a buyer interested in exploring new ways to optimize bidding, reduce latency, and streamline analytics? Get started by contacting your APS support team today. Are you a publisher interested in integrating with Rise?