We are proud to present ‘Your Way to Rise’ - the 2023 Digiday Publishing Summit Preview.

Giving publishers a first glance at 2023’s programmatic trends and insights, this invite-only in-person event will include a panel discussion – featuring Rise’s CRO, Chen Shalit, covering the latest industry opportunities – followed by an exclusive cocktail reception.

Join us this February 7, 2023 as we will kick off the new year in New York with new trends, new ideas, new meetings and new opportunities. Apply for your seat and meet us there!

Our team will be staying in New York for the week of February 6 - 10

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About us

Rise offers fully programmatic media solutions for publishers. Powered by data science and advanced AI tools, our publishers have the opportunity to be in complete control of their inventory, while knowing that we provide fair and transparent auctions. Our offerings are tailor-made, including our proprietary video player and ad-server, and powerful marketplace. Maximize your business potential.