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3 Industry insights from Q1. Let’s kick-off Q2

How we recognize the indispensable role of AI and data science in driving programmatic success as the media and advertising industry evolves, and how this directly impacts revenue was top of mind at the Digiday Publishing Summit in New York and again in Digiday Vail.

The above topic was part of a dynamic panel discussion on “Industry Trends & Revenue Strategies for 2024” led by James Cooper, Editor-in-Chief of Digiday. Part of this insightful session were our esteemed panelists Rebeca Solórzano, Katie Bantz Weber, and Kate Calabrese, as well as our very own Chen Shalit, Chief Revenue Officer at Rise, who contributed valuable perspectives and insights. 

Here are the 3 main takeaways we came home with:

Understanding the diversity of identity solutions

The farewell of third-party cookies, because of user privacy and data protection concerns. The result of these regulatory changes are that leading major browsers, like Google, are phasing out support for third-party cookies. Now, cookieless tracking offers a way to customize ads when a user rejects cookie consent or cookies are not supported.

As third-party cookies are fading away, publishers turn to alternatives, like identity solutions, which allow publishers to fill their inventory with ads that are customized to a segment of users. Hereby, it’s essential to understand the diverse capabilities each company offers within the landscape and focusing on the strengths they bring, rather than solely relying on the uplift from specific segments.

Drive innovation with 1st party data

In an ever-changing industry, publishers around the globe have spent the past few years adapting to the never normal. By rethinking their strategies to respond to global change and uncertainty, publishers got accustomed to the never normal. The never normal requires that publishers are agile and open minded by turning challenges into business opportunities. 

Therefore, in a fast-paced industry like ad tech it’s important to be agile and always drive innovation. Using first-party data is one way for publishers to drive this innovation and create value. Meaning, by enhancing contextual advertising publishers can customize segments more efficiently. 

Unleash revenue potential with AI

The fusion of artificial intelligence and digital advertising has paved the way for unprecedented possibilities. AI’s ability to process vast amounts of data, extract insights and make intelligent predictions has revolutionized how ads are created, customized and optimized.

Publishers, who want to be on top of things and effectively future-proof their businesses today need to embrace AI across all operational aspects, both generative and programmatic, to fully unleash its potential.

Last Thoughts

This year’s Digiday Publishing Summit was an incredible networking and learning opportunity. Thanks to our panelist, we shared valuable insights that’ll help publishers to navigate the fast-paced ad tech landscape of 2024.

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